A downloadable game for Windows

Welcome to the prototype of Knighty Night
(created for the 8 Bits to Infinity ~ Platformer Week)

Every night, guided by nothing but moonlight and distant cries for help, you roam the infested lands of evil, from castle to castle, on an exhausting quest to save beautiful damsels in distress. 

All of them!  

What next?
Do you wish to play all 120 levels, fight blazing dragons and blow up zombies? Perhaps even on genuine NES hardware (at least a light version)?
You can show the project some love by playing, sharing and spreading the word.

Game by pixel.lu
Music by Pine Thrush Studios


Knighty Night Setup.exe 20 MB

Development log


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way too short with only 3 levels.
good game nonetheless :-)


Totally, which is why 120 levels are planned in the full game. Time simply ran out in the gamejam to make more.

Great work. The art and music are ineradicable. I would definitely love to play more levels if you continue. Controls take a second or 2 to get used to but once you get the hand of them it's really fun to move around. 

Many thanks. The controls are still very rough, and worse than that, the roll/dash causes the game to crash in some instances.
But not enough time before the deadline. :-)

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Hey! I'm Pine Thrush Studios, the guy who worked on the music for this.

Great job on the game! The controls are very fast but it's a lot of fun and the art style and animations are amazingly charming!

Thanks, pixel.lu, for having me work on this project.

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Many thanks Red Reign. The graveyard track is pure genius.  It has been playing in looped mode all day. And it's probably the best reason to try out the game. :-)
Thanks for your amazing work under such tight deadlines.

If the game leaves the prototype stage there will be lots more work. ;-)